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"Michael (aka Coach Dingo) has been my Personal Trainer for two years and really motivated me to be active at any opportunity. I'm no gym bunny but with his help i've found a way to fit exercise in to my hectic life and make it fun! Michael also trains my husband Carlos who has seen significant improvements in his fitness since starting with Coach Dingo"


Nadia Lim, Co-founder of My Food Bag, Author & MasterChef 2011


​“Mike was an awesome personal trainer, he showed me a lot of good exercises and helped me tailor a workout that was specific to the things I wanted to improve on. He also gave me great advice with nutrition, with regards to the right quantity of macros were to eat and when to eat them. At the end of the sessions I was knackered but felt all the better for it.

Thanks to Mike I’ve been able to put together a good regular workout routine that I enjoy and keeps me going strong.”

Eli Paewai, Six60 Drummer


"Each session is exciting and challenging, with the right mix of strength and cardio to get the best results. My fitness has improved dramatically and I love attending the sessions. Mike and Kat know how to get you out of your comfort zone and push you to your personal limits. I’ve been training for eight months now and I definitely intend to continue for a long time yet.”

Marian B

“When I started training with Kat, my goal was to lose 10kg in the 4 months before I turned 30.  I was extremely doubtful that I would be able to reach this goal, having tried and failed with other trainers and gyms so many times in the last few years.  With Kat’s enthusiastic personality, professional skills and unwavering support during those 4 months, I lost nearly 12kg and went from a size 14/16 to a 10/12.  Kilograms aside – no other trainer has motivated me as much to do 'one more rep', or 'just another hundred metres' – so because of Kat I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been.”

Heather Anderson, Dunedin


“When I started with Kat I was 61 years old, overweight and unfit.  When she left I had lost at least 1.5 stone (9.5kg) and felt very considerably fitter and healthier.   I was extremely pleased with the improvement in my fitness and well being which she achieved  and I was very disappointed that she left. She was particularly good at pushing me to just the right extent. With someone of my age it is important I think that the trainer is fully attuned to the client’s ability and temperament – and she assessed my needs and capability just right. She was also extremely good at varying the routines and exercises – important so that the client does not get bored or disenchanted. She was also very helpful in advising on and monitoring my diet.  All in all she was excellent and she achieved great results. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a personal trainer.  I only wish she was still in the UK!”

Timothy Elliot, Queens Counsel, London


“Kat has been my trainer for 6th months now. In this time I have achieved results which I didn’t think I was capable of doing. I have lost just under 10 kilograms, and within my first 6 weeks with her lost a total of 12.5cm around my waist which I couldn’t believe. I find Kat to be a very motivating, professional person who pushes you to achieve your goals while at the same time being a very caring person.”

Anna King, Manager at Zaibatsu


“Mike was my PT in Dunedin NZ for 18 months, during this time he helped and motivated me towards my fitness goals. As a massage therapist core strength is vital to maintain good working posture, Mike certainly made a positive difference.  I also have a hip replacement so correct technique when weight training is absolutely crucial; he was able to keep me training safely. Training was always varied and enjoyable – I was very disappointed when he told me he was heading overseas.  I have experienced a significant number of PTs and Mike is definitely up at the top of my list.“

Sue Taylor, Senior Physiotherapist, Dunedin


“I had two problems.  I was too fat and too skinny. As Michael had an engaging attitude I had a fantastic time even though he was pushing me right to the edge of my limits.  He gave me so much enthusiasm for sorting myself out that not only have I sorted my physical side, but it has spilled over into the rest of my life, giving me the confidence to achieve anything I put my mind to.  After he left to go to the UK I tried working out with a couple of other personal trainers but none were as engaging, humorous or pushed me as hard.  The enthusiasm he left me with has continued nonetheless and I therefore attend the gym 5 days a week and absolutely love it.”

Matthew Riddell, Managing Director, Ventre VOIP Ltd


“I am a rugby referee and need to have not only a good base level of fitness but strong core in order last out what can now be a February to October season. When I first started at Les Mills Dunedin – I was unfit and out-of-shape and lacked motivation to exercise. Mike made my training sessions something I looked forward to. I have never been an athlete but have completed the Auckland Half Marathon, several 10km races and have now refereed my first Premier rugby games. I could never have achieved this without Mike’s advice, motivation and interest in my achievements.”

Paul Candy, Premier Rugby Referee & Business Manager, Australia


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