Personal Training 
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Lets take a look at the reasons why all people achieve more working with a personal trainer: motivation, accountability, consistency, AND ongoing new information on health, nutrition and fitness, dedicated support, proper technique instruction and form, injury prevention and/or rehab, sports specific training (if applicable), in maximised time efficient workouts, with a PERSONALISED programme that delivers results 


Sessions are 60 minutes for a one-on-one session at your home, local park or via zoom.

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Workplace 'Well at Work' programme
RedefinedU will design an onsite training programme for the workplace based on what the organisation needs and how they would like support. The 'Well at Work' programme includes:
  • Weekly onsite fitness sessions
  • Dietitian-led nutrition workshops
  • Pre and post health screening and biometric measures
  • Weekly fitness challenges to keep staff motivated, energised and productive in their day to day work 
  • The programme provides huge opportunities for team culture to grow
** David Smitherman CEO, Jeep NZ - "having this programme onsite has been one of the best things we have done for enhancing team culture. We have seen such a great impact on staff output and team build as a direct result'
** Dan Fergus. CEO, Fergus Software. "the programme has been better than I could have imagined, it has provided so many opportunities for our staff to encourage one another, work together, develop fitness and get more energy all at the same time"
** Amanda J. HR Manager, Rhema Media."You guys rock, Amazing, Amazing!"
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Pregnancy & Post Natal Personal Training

Kat, our resident pre and post natal trainer has a Bachelor of Science in

Anatomy & Structural Biology, Certificate in Pre & Post Natal training and also a trained instructor in STOTTS Pilates matwork. 

Kat wrote the fitness section of the WOWMAMA post-natal resource and wrote as the fitness expert for the NADIA magazine from its outset to 2018, she has two young girls and knows how to train safely while pregnant and how to optimise recovery post-natally.

Physical activity in the prenatal and postnatal period must be approached with care, making personal training advice during this time an extremely valuable service. Being fit and strong heading approaching the due date of your baby's delivery can give you a significant advantage on the day and can aid your recovery time.

Pricing: Personal Training sessions at your home, or via zoom.


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Kat Stanley